Petlas Tyres Pakistan Truck & Bus Tyre SZ300

All axles (AP)

SZ300 pattern is designed for light commercial vehicles and suitable to use on all axles. Strong carcass structure provides high retreadibility feature. Delivers balanced drive, perfect comfort and high maneuverability on asphalt roads. Provides exceptional wet grip. The unique pattern design enhances mileage performance.


Petlas Tyres Pakistan Truck & Bus Tyre SZ300

Pattern Properties:

  • The anti-stone bulges prevent stones to stuck in the blocks and protect tread and carcass plies.
  • Provides ultimate traction and shorter brake distance with its zigzag pattern.
  • Improved traction, shorter brake distance and wet grip with channels, taking place between blocks.
  • Unique pattern design provides a silent drive with its optimized block array.
  • Fast and effective water discharge with round and side channels.

Available Sizes:



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